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About BYSurrey

BYSurrey was originally founded in 2002 as Bikram Yoga College of India in Surrey.
Starting with Bikram's hot yoga in Surrey, we have taught thousands of students and have become part of your community! BYSurrey is a modest studio. Hard to find and tucked away in Guildford, we are near Guildford Town Centre in a converted warehouse. BYSurrey has a large studio room with big windows, changing rooms, showers, plenty of parking and all the amenities you need. We have grown with our members to establish a strong practice and have expanded our offerings of Hot yoga. New students and those familiar with a traditional Bikram class will love our 60 minute "Arrow" class, an original beginner's "Suraj" class as well as "Yin" and "Kundalini" classes. We have intermediate 75 minute "Phoenix Rising" and "Archer" and a 90 minute "Phoenix Burning" classe for our regular members to bridge the gap to our advanced "Titan" class. BYSurrey is one of the first studios to offer a Dharma Wheel class for those looking for a safe fun way to explore new postures. We occasionally host "Clinic" classes to help you with your postures and alignment and have private Reiki sessions by appointment. Check out our class styles and schedule and come by for a class. You don't need a reservation and we always have great deals for new students! If you haven't been to the studio in some time, come reinvigorate your practice! Even if you found the Bikram series wasn't for you, we may now have something that is. Too fast? Try our Yin. Too slow? Try the Arrow. Not enough for your upper body? Missing vinyasa? Try a Phoenix or Archer class! Looking for inversions? How about a Titan class? Maybe you just lost your mojo over the years. See if we can't get you joyous about yoga with a Kundalini class. Stop by and rediscover BYSurrey. Fall in love with yoga again. We've got a good thing at the studio and we invite you to share it with us. Qualified instructors, great classes that you won't find anywhere else, affordable packages and a welcoming atmosphere. We offer the Best Yoga in Surrey.
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Yogis and Yoginis



Special Deals

New Students or those who have not been to the studio in 3 years or more may try out BYSurrey for 1 month (30 consecutive days) of unlimited yoga for only $59. Or 2 weeks (14 consecutive days) for $30!

Class Challenges

BYSurrey's class challenges aren't meant as competitions and shouldn't leave you feeling defeated. It is just a way for us as a group at the studio to keep motivated and reinvigorate our practices. Ideally most people will do at least one class daily for the duration of the challenge. Challenges will also include guest passes, deals to keep you motivated past the challenge and invitations to all our special "off schedule" classes. If you already have a yearly pass, there are no added fees to join the challenge.

Extensions & Amnesty

Expired classes from a regular class card may be used without any fees during the BYSurrey Amnesties; in Summer, from the first Monday of June until Labour Day and in winter from the first Monday in December until the first Monday in January. Expired BYSurrey class cards may otherwise be reactivated for 120 days for $2 per class. All expired classes must be extended together. Our extension option may only be used once per package. Please ask at the studio for more details.

New Students

Everybody has a first class.
You do not need a reservation to attend class at BYSurrey but you should plan for your first class.
You must over the age of 16 to practice at BYSurrey and if you are under the age of 18 you will also need the signed consent of your parent or legal guardian.
First off, know where we are! We are not visible from the street.
Please check the images and map in our "Contact" section to make finding us easy.
Students new to yoga and/or our studio should start their practice with our Arrow, Suraj, Yin or kundalini classes. Take the stime to familiarize yourself with some of our foundation postures and flows and let the teacher get to know your practice before tackling other classes Check out class descriptions here. Please note: BYSurrey offers advanced classes by invitation only and intermediate classes for regular members only.
Be 10 minutes early for your first class. You will have to fill out the waiver (get a head start and download the PDF here), settle up and settle in.
Read the tips below to make it a little easier on yourself and then just show up!

Consume a minimum of 1 litre of water sometime before class but not so soon before class that you will need a washroom break during class. Arrive on an empty stomach.
Wear clothing that you will feel comfortable sweating in and that is neither too tight nor so loose that it will get in the way. Men will likely feel most comfortable in just a pair of shorts and women might feel best in shorts and a sports bra-top. Shorts cut above the knee will ensure better mobility and the freedom to bend easily. Prepare to be challenged with your first class. Dedicate yourself to your entire class. And, above all, be open to a new experience and a new understanding of your body. If you have your own mat, please bring it, along with some water, a large towel (preferably the size of your mat) to use during class, and one if you would like to shower before and/or after class. Blocks, straps and dowelling may be used in the Yin class only. Mats ($2) and towels ($1) are available for rent. Bring a water bottle to fill with free filtered water from our studio's water cooler.

Although our Kundalini and Yin classes are cooler than other classes, the biggest challenge for most people is the heat.
In hot yoga we build the heat up in the body at the start of class. Generally your first water break will be called. Try not to drink water before the break and avoid coming out of postures to drink, wipe or fidget. During class it is common to feel a bit dizzy or even somewhat nauseous. If this happens please lie down. Try to keep still and refrain from wiping yourself or fidgeting. As part of your yoga discipline, stay in the room and rejoin the practice when you are ready.
Listen carefully for instructions on proper set up and safe alignment. Classes are mixed level so although you may follow what other students are doing, be mindful to stay within the safe limits of your own practice. Don't worry if you don't quite understand all the postures or feel overwhelmed. Keep your mind calm and your breathing relaxed. It's only your first class.

After class, plan to spend some time in the room relaxing and enjoying your accomplishment. Plan to cool down and rinse off with a shower. Keep well hydrated and be aware that you've sweat a lot and may need some salts or electrolytes especially if you are not used to sweating or generally consume a lot of caffeine, sugars or smoke. Listen to your body. You may feel energized or that you need a nap.
Touch base with the front desk or the teacher before going. Ask questions you may have and then make sure you have everything (including your BYSurrey membership card) before leaving. We'll try to follow up with you with a phone call but if you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us.
Drink lots of water, eat well and sleep well. Plan your next class.

Hopefully by the next day, something amazing will have happened. You just feel better! Maybe you had the best night's sleep you've had in a while; maybe you've never had more energy or maybe you feel relaxed and open or maybe you are just looking forward to another challenging class. But even if you don't feel like any of that, stay committed to coming again the next day. Your next class will be a lot smoother. It won't seem as long and you'll feel a little more confident. Hopefully you can try another class and/or another teacher. Take advantage of our intro pass and come as often as you can.

Class Styles

Stuck in yoga rut?
We've got just the thing!

Click the ellipsis [ ... ] for more info.

Arrow (Express)

Fast and to-the-point, BYSurrey's own express style class. A full two sets of each posture and then some. All in 60 minutes! If you haven't done it here, you haven't done it before.


A different beginner yoga series than the Bikram style. Suraj classes offer stronger foundations to transition students into our more intermediate and advanced classes.

Dharma Wheel

Yoga Wheel classes.
Whatever your level, challenge yourself with bigger backbends, deeper stretches, arm balances and inversions supported by the Dharma Wheel.


BYSurrey's Yin class is a warm yoga open to everyone. Our Yin class is slower paced and intended to work the ligaments and joints deeper than your regular practice.


Kundalini yoga welcomes everyone interested in the practice. If you appreciate a potent spiritual practice, that is fun and energizing, this yoga is for you.


Using vibrational sounds to calm and focus the mind. Come meditate and be guided through awareness and chakra cleansing. Leave feeling light and refreshed.


The Phoenix Rising & Phoenix Burning classes will challenge your balance, strength, endurance & flexibility. Try Phoenix and feel like you went to the gym and did yoga all-in-one.


A Yang and Yin class focussing on breathing, Archer builds the heat with sun salutations and flows through several challenging hatha poses and inversions before winding down with deep Yin stretches.


A "by invitation only" class. Students and teachers practice together a set sequence of postures. The room is warm. Students must be familiar with a sun salutation.


BYSurrey offers private reiki sessions for an additonal fee with Glamma at the studio when classes are not in session.
To book an appointment talk to Glamma or call the studio.


Clinic classes are help regular students advance their practice whatever their current level. Specific postures, sequences or classes are addressed. Ask questions - lots of them!


A "by invitation only" practice Titan is more than 2.5 hours long. The mood is light and the room cooler so it's not as overwhelming as you may think. Take the next step in your practice.

Our Prices


1 Month for only $59
or 2 weeks for $30
For students new to BYSurrey
or returning after 3 years or more.

1 YEAR Unlimited

ONLY $869!
Our best deal!
Practice as often as you like!
Even twice a day OR MORE!

Unlimited months

Special 3 month pass $252
- OR -
1 month $130
Check out our monthly billing option below.

Packages available at the studio only.Prices DO NOT include tax.

auto-billing $89 per month

- unlimited yoga
- 3 mo. min. commitment
- after 3 mo. cancel anytime w/ 15 days written notice
- credit card required

Class cards

10 class - $135
20 classes - $250
30 classes - $345; shareable
40 classes - $420; shareable
50 classes - $475; shareable
Please confirm expiration dates.

Packages available at the studio only.Prices DO NOT include tax.


A .pdf of the current monthly schedule may
downloaded here.
Please Note:
Please be on time.
The studio opens 15 minutes before a scheduled class.

Latecomers will not be admitted
to a class already in session.
You must be in the room before the teacher.
New students should arrive 10 minutes before the
start of their first class.
Know where we are! We are a hidden gem.
To attend the Titan or
"by invitation only" classes,

you need permission from Mark or Glamma
prior to class.
Filter this schedule
View only the class styles you want to see.
Click the small down arrow on the top right
of the calendar and deselect what
you don't want to see.

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Tel: 604-951-9642
Office Hours:
Please call ahead.
Reception is open 15 minutes before the start
of a scheduled class.
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