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Traditional, Express, Short Form, Yin, Kundalini, Phoenix & Titan series hot yoga
Clinic classes & Yoga for Youths.
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BYSurrey was originally founded in 2002 as Bikram Yoga College of India in Surrey. Starting with Bikram's hot yoga in Surrey, we have taught thousands of students and become part of your community!
BYSurrey is a modest studio. Hard to find and tucked away in Guildford, we are near Guildford mall in a converted warehouse. BYSurrey has a large studio room with big windows, changing rooms, showers, plenty of parking and all the amenities you need.
Recently, as we have grown with our members to establish a strong practice, we have expanded our offerings of Hot yoga to include not only the familiar "Traditional" 90 minute classes but also a "Traditional" class in 75 minutes, a 60 minute "Express" as well as "Yin" and "Titan" classes. We have a "Short Form" 30 minute practice to get you doing your yoga even when you are tight on time and a 75 minute "Phoenix" series to bridge the gap to our Titan class. We now offer a Kundalini class to awaken your energy and host "Clinic" classes to help you with your postures and alignment. BYSurrey also runs a Yoga for Youths program.
If you haven't been to the studio in some time, come reinvigorate your practice! Even if you found the Bikram series wasn't for you, we may now have something that is. Too fast? Try our Yin. Too slow? Try the Express. Short on time? We've got a Short Form for you. Not enough for your upper-body? Missing vinyasa? Try the Phoenix! Looking for inversions? How about a Titan class? Maybe you just lost your mojo over the years. See if we can't get you joyous about yoga with a Kundalini class. Stop by and rediscover BYSurrey. Fall in love with yoga again.
We've got a good thing at the studio and we invite you to share it with us. Qualified instructors, great classes that you won't find anywhere else, affordable packages and a welcoming atmosphere. We offer the Best Yoga in Surrey.

Class Types

BYSurrey offers several different class types as well as Clinic classes and a Yoga for Youths program. For more information about our classes please click on the images below.


Yin Yoga

Short Form (30 minutes)


Titan Series

Kundalini Yoga

Clinic classes

Yoga for Youths

Phoenix Series (75 minutes)


Check out our current "Live" schedule. Please arrive early for class. Latecomers will not be admitted to a class already in session. You will need to fill out our waiver form BEFORE your first class. There is no need to reserve or pre-book.

New Students

BYSurrey offers a great deal for new students. On sale for a limited time, 2 weeks unlimited yoga (14 consecutive days) for $25! Try the BYSurrey Traditional, Express, Short Form, Kundalini, Phoenix & Yin classes. We have classes and teachers you won't find anywhere else!

For your first class please arrive at least 15 minutes early. You will need to complete our waiver form BEFORE class. Consider downloading our quick guide which includes our map, schedule and waiver.
Traditional, Express, Short Form, Phoenix and Yin classes are accessible to all students but we suggest students be familiar with our regular 90-minute class before attending the Express and Phoenix classes.
For our Traditional, Express, Phoenix and Short Form classes, come prepared. Be well hydrated. Consume a minimum of 1 litre of water sometime before class but not so soon before class that you will need a washroom break. Arrive on an empty stomach.
Prepare to be challenged with your first class. Dedicate yourself to your entire class. And, above all, be open to a new experience and a new understanding of your body.
Our Yin classes are not as demanding and follow a routine of gentle yet profound stretching. You may feel that you can practice Yin soon after eating. There are no balancing postures in our Yin classes and the back-bends are not as deep nor as frequent.
Wear clothing that you will feel comfortable sweating in and that is neither too tight nor so loose that it will get in the way. Men will likely feel most comfortable in just a pair of shorts and women might feel best in shorts and a sports bra-top. Shorts cut above the knee will ensure better mobility and the freedom to bend easily.
During class it is common to feel a bit dizzy or even somewhat nauseous. If this happens please lie down but stay in the room and rejoin the practice when you are ready.
After class, plan to spend some time in the room relaxing and enjoying your accomplishment. Keep well hydrated and be aware that you've sweat a lot and may need some salts or electrolytes. You may feel energized or that you need a nap.
If you have your own mat, please bring it, along with some water, a large towel to use during class, and one if you would like to shower before and/or after class. Blocks, straps and dowelling may be used in the Yin class only.
Mats ($2) and towels ($1) are available for rent. Bring a water bottle to fill with free filtered water from our studio's water cooler.
Listen to your body. Try to come back, ideally the next day. Your first class will be the most challenging. Try to come again a soon as possible. You'll feel more at ease with the pace and timing of our series and you should stretch out any muscle stiffness you may experience the next day. Even if you don't like your first class, do try a different one and/or a different teacher.
Please stay in the room for the whole class. Leaving the room disrupts other students and removes you from the supervision of the instructor.


BYSurrey works hard to provide the best yoga for your dollar. Great yoga at reasonable rates.
We don't teach with a CD!

Short Form Drop in: $8.
All other classes $17.
No drop ins to Titan , Clinic or Youth Yoga.
10% off regular prices for students and seniors.


#107, 15310 103A Avenue
Surrey, B.C., CANADA V3R 7A2
We are hard to find. Please take advantage of the links below to guide you to us. Latecomers may not be admitted to a class already in session. If you would like to stop by during the day, it is best to stop by 15 minutes before a scheduled class.

Map to BYSurrey

aka -Bikram Yoga Surrey. We
are hard to find! Use our map.

Waiver & Consent Form

Students must be over the age of 16. Minors need a parent's or legal guardian's signature.

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We think that answers to most questions about BYSurrey may be found on this website. Please review the site before emailing. There are many helpful tips for new students under the "New Students" heading. Our online price list and schedule are kept current. BYSurrey is independently owned.

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